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Values: The Foundation of Culture

When your people thrive, your organization thrives. Which is why building your optimal culture begins with understanding the values at the root of it. Values – conscious or unconscious – are the motivation for every decision made or action taken.

Employees have their own values when they walk in the door, and they are influenced everyday by the values they experience in your organization.  Understanding the values currently at play — and the values needed to be consistently high performing — is essential to making your desired culture
a reality. 

We are licensed and trained to in the assessment tools of the Barrett Values Centre and draw on them to help organizations uncover and activate the values needed to forge a targeted, measurable path toward a thriving culture.

DiSC Assessment

The Barrett Suite of Assessments

We draw on a range of tools in the Barrett suite of assessments that measure the values of your entire organization, groups within your organization, your leadership team and individual leaders. 


At the highest level, the Cultural Values Assessment (CVA) provides a deeper understanding of what motivates people in your organization, an objective diagnosis of what is and isn’t working, and actionable insights with a clear path forward. 


The Leadership Values Assessment (LVA) offers a thorough 360 assessment of a leader’s values, strengths and areas for growth, based on confidential feedback from their chosen colleagues. This is a customized analysis commonly used for coaching C-suite and executive-level leaders. 

The Leadership Team Values Assessment (LTV) provides an overview of what motivates your leaders, assesses their effectiveness as collaborators, and identifies the initiatives they feel are essential for putting leadership on the path to success.


All healthy organizations need energy in all seven levels of the Barrett Model.

Using BVC tools to measure our progress and changing needs of our organization over time has enabled us to zero in on the critical few elements we needed to focus on to drive measured improvement in our
culture at MasterCard.
— Laura Irwin, VP of Human Resources,
Mastercard Canada

Seligman's work influenced

the Barrett Model.


The Theory Behind the Tools

The Barrett Model is supported by the pioneering work of Abraham Maslow as well as the more recent work of Edward Deci and Richard Ryan’s self-determination theory, Carol Ryff’s model of psychological well-being, Martin Seligman’s work on flourishing, and the resurgent academic interest around Aristotle’s concept of‘eudaimonia’ and the deep human yearning to live a meaningful life.


The Barrett Model has proven to be a powerful framework for realizing human potential for leaders and organizations around the globe. The model has assisted thousands oforganizations across 94 countries to increase the health of their organizational culture and thus improving outcomes for all of their stakeholders. At the heart of the success of the model is an understanding of basic human needs and the cultural environment people need in order to thrive.

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