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We are excited to announce that we will launch a coaching institute in early 2023 to train and mentor coaches in Brian’s coaching methodology which he has created over the last 25 years. This will be a year-long program featuring a 9-month training followed by three months of group supervision.

Participants will train in an innovative approach to coaching that is designed to support clients in clarifying and living their vision and working toward total alignment of their system in support of that vision. Brian’s methodology incorporates the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model as well as his Five Stages of Gift Development model and his Mapping Internal Influences framework as well as other innovative coaching technology.

Applications to participate in the first coaching training cohort in 2023 are now open. If interested, email to receive the application and schedule a discovery conversation to help you discern whether Brian’s coaching training is the right fit for you.

Incorporating IFS Into Coaching Podcast Brian Jaudon
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Brian is brilliant at coaching and mentoring coaches. What I value the most is his presence, his joy of sharing immense knowledge and his support and encouragement. I appreciated the perfect combination of learning, practice and guidance. 


—Michele Bledsoe

Core Principles of Our

Coaching Methodology


  • The client’s innate intelligence is the supreme guide of the coaching experience and supersedes any external inputs from the coach. 

  • Consent is needed from the client at every stage of the coaching process – from the overall scope and direction of the coaching to choices made in any given moment during an individual coaching session. 

  • All parts of the client’s system are welcome in the coaching process and seen as important resources. Coaching must never demonize, shame, override, bypass, minimize or try to annihilate any part of the client system. 

  • All coaching works toward whole system alignment regarding any stated goals rather than aligning only with parts of the client that are already bought in and dedicated toward achieving those desired outcomes.  

  • Our methodology is multidimensional and incorporates cognitive, emotional, somatic and spiritual elements. 

  • At the core, clients are learning to develop self leadership – the practice of leading one’s life in right relationship to all parts of the individual’s internal system. 

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