The outcome of working with Brian to discover my gifts has been nothing short of stunning. As well as I thought I knew myself, he saw things I would not have been able to see on my own. It was a life-changing experience that has yielded transformative results.      -Joan Shafer

Each of us came into the world with unique abilities that we can in turn share in service to others. Many people aren't aware of their natural gifts because they come so naturally. Others may have exiled their gifts because they were not invited or acknowledged early in life - or worse, they were discouraged and possibly even punished for having them. 


When we're not offering out gifts, we're out of balance with the rhythm of giving and receiving in our lives. I invite you to begin exploring what your gifts are and how they may be expressed in your world -- whether that's in your community, in your workplace or on behalf of the planet. Consider taking the gifts assessment below to get the conversation started. There are multiple ways we can support your gifts development moving forward. 


5 Stages of Gift Development

Discovering, developing and offering our gifts is a deliberate process that requires our curiosity and commitment. There are five distinct stages that provide a roadmap for our gift development:

INVITING THE GIFT – Being in a state of invitation or invocation is the first step of gift development. In this state, you are simply stating - I am ready to know. 
CLARIFYING THE GIFT – Once you recognize a gift that you have, you can begin to know its true essence and power and how it might be expressed. 
CLAIMING THE GIFT – Just because you have a gift doesn’t mean that you’ve truly claimed or received it. Your capacity to offer a gift in the world is proportionate to degree you have claimed it.
HONORING THE GIFT – Watching for opportunities to practice a gift (and they will present themselves to you) – and then experimenting with offering that gift – honors the gift and prepares you for the next stage.
OFFERING THE GIFT – At this stage, you are simply offering the gift in the world without ego attachment to outcomes or who receives it. You are living your gift as a way of being in the world.

NOTE: Even though this is a linear developmental model, you will likely find yourself in more than one stage at a time with a particular gift. For example, you may be offering a gift without having fully claimed it. In that case, giving some attention to the claiming (receiving) stage would prepare you to offer the gift more fully.


Gift Inventory

Click the button below to take our free assessment to clarify your natural abilities and select one gift to to focus on as part of your development. 


Gift Workshops

I've been invited to give my signature 1-day gifts workshop in numerous cities including Boston, Chicago, and Washington DC. This dynamic, highly interactive group learning experiencehelps individuals clarify and begin to develop their natural gifts. Email brian@brianjaudon.com if you'd like to sponsor a gifts workhop in your commmunity.

Brian's workshop enabled me to discover, or re-discover, several of my gifts that lay dormant for many years. I marveled at his abilities to facilitate our group - it appeared effortless. I enjoyed seeing each person light up and energized by the process. Brian’s openness and empathy with individuals in our group was a gift in itself, along with his methods of sharing the techniques without lecturing. Through experience and assimilation, the workshop allowed each person to draw out their own insights about his or her gifts and bring them into harmony with their lives..  -William Marshall

Gift Coaching

Most people don’t really know what their true gifts are. We don’t see our innate abilities as gifts because we are so close to them. And we often are reticent to discover and offer our gifts because they haven’t been invited, acknowledged or received in the past. Our gifts are sacred, and we tend to be highly protective of them, as well as ourselves, which can result in keeping our gifts hidden and known only to ourselves. Gifts coaching focuses on the discovery and development of one’s gifts as well as working with any of the internal protectors that have guarded the gifts and prevented them from being fully developed or offered.