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2022 Gifts Peer Development Group

Peer Development
Starting in September, Brian will facilitate via Zoom an 8-week peer development series for anyone ready to discover and develop their gifts (innate abilities). Brian will incorporate a number of his coaching methods and tools to support each individual’s gift development including guided meditation/visualization, Appreciative Inquiry, Internal Family Systems and others to navigate the five stages of gift development. Before the series begins, each participant will complete both the Gifts Self Inventory and a Gifts360 Feedback process to prepare them for their individual development. This group is designed for anyone ready to create a true partnership with their gifts that they can share in their community and professional life. 

The cost of the series is $575.

Sessions will take place Tuesdays starting September 6th, 4-5:30pm eastern.

Click the button below to register and hold your space. Limited to 12 participants. 

Like others in our culture, I have spent a lifetime desperately trying to be seen, grasping for outer validation and value. I've accrued mountains of accomplishments, yet never felt enough. Until now. Through this course, I received a a great gift: I was able to name the Value I have been all along. The gift I have always offered is creativity and expression and the joy of birthing the Unseen into this world. I moved from thinking a gift was something we did but I learned that our gifts are not that -- they lie in our presence, in who we are. They reside in being, not doing. This knowing depended through the collective journey as others stepped into naming, acknowledging and welcoming the gift that wants to burst through them. It was thrilling and an honor to witness these discoveries. Brian is a master and his work is crucial in these times which call for every soul's brilliance. 

                                                                                                     -- Lucinda Winslow

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