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Working with Brian has been a great experience, resulting in the highest level of engagement I have seen on our team. His guidance and insights have led to critical leadership discoveries about both the gaps and the potential that exist with our company.
— Shawn Plater, CEO

The overall health and effectiveness of the senior leadership team can make or break a company. Whether the senior team is broken, floundering or misaligned, the state of the team ripples like a wave without the entire organization. 


Creating a high-performing leadership team starts with a clear and compelling vision (who you want to become) and high-level strategy that requires a high degree of trust, commitment and allignment needed to achieve and sustain results. 


When working with a senior team, some of the focus areas we typically
incorporate include: 

  • The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team (based on Patrick Lencioni’s work)

  • Leveraging the Diverse Personalities and Work Styles on a Team (DiSC) 

  • Updating the Company’s High Level Strategy

  • Creating True (not Faux) Alignment Among the Team

  • Having Essential Conversations That Address Root Cause Issues

  • Building a Values-Driven Culture That Brings Out the Best in Your Employees

Before we start, we spend time listening and understanding your unique challenges, pain points, behavior patterns, goals and aspirations. We believe every organization has the collective wisdom needed to evolve and perform at a high level. Our role is to help you understand where you’re getting stuck or hindered, how to get out of your own way, and what daily practices and behaviors are needed to create sustainable results.

If this sounds like something your team and compamy would benefit from, let’s start with a conversation. Email to schedule a free consultation. We’d love to hear from you. 

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