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Gift Development
The outcome of working with Brian to discover my gifts has been nothing short of stunning. As well as I thought I knew myself, he saw things I would not have been able to see on my own. It was a life-changing experience that has yielded transformative results.      -Joan Shafer

Each of us came into the world with unique abilities that we can in turn share in service to others. Many people aren't aware of their natural gifts because they come so naturally. Others may have exiled their gifts because they were not invited or acknowledged early in life - or worse, they were discouraged and possibly even punished for having them. 


When we're not offering out gifts, we're out of balance with the rhythm of giving and receiving in our lives. I invite you to begin exploring what your gifts are and how they may be expressed in your world -- whether that's in your community, in your workplace or on behalf of the planet. Consider taking the gifts assessment below to get the conversation started. There are multiple ways we can support your gifts development moving forward. 

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