Gift Development
The outcome of working with Brian to discover my gifts has been nothing short of stunning. As well as I thought I knew myself, he saw things I would not have been able to see on my own. It was a life-changing experience that has yielded transformative results.      -Joan Shafer

Each of us came into the world with unique abilities that we can in turn share in service to others. Many people aren't aware of their natural gifts because they come so naturally. Others may have exiled their gifts because they were not invited or acknowledged early in life - or worse, they were discouraged and possibly even punished for having them. 


When we're not offering out gifts, we're out of balance with the rhythm of giving and receiving in our lives. I invite you to begin exploring what your gifts are and how they may be expressed in your world -- whether that's in your community, in your workplace or on behalf of the planet. Consider taking the gifts assessment below to get the conversation started. There are multiple ways we can support your gifts development moving forward. 


5 Stages of Gift Development

Discovering, developing and offering our gifts is a deliberate process that requires our curiosity and commitment. There are five distinct stages that provide a roadmap for our gift development:

5 Stages of Gift Development

INVITING THE GIFT – Being in a state of invitation or invocation is the first step of gift development. In this state, you are simply stating - I am ready to know. 
CLARIFYING THE GIFT – Once you recognize a gift that you have, you can begin to know its true essence and power and how it might be expressed. 
CLAIMING THE GIFT – Just because you have a gift doesn’t mean that you’ve truly claimed or received it. Your capacity to offer a gift in the world is proportionate to degree you have claimed it.
HONORING THE GIFT – Watching for opportunities to practice a gift (and they will present themselves to you) – and then experimenting with offering that gift – honors the gift and prepares you for the next stage.
OFFERING THE GIFT – At this stage, you are simply offering the gift in the world without ego attachment to outcomes or who receives it. You are living your gift as a way of being in the world.

NOTE: Even though this is a linear developmental model, you will likely find yourself in more than one stage at a time with a particular gift. For example, you may be offering a gift without having fully claimed it. In that case, giving some attention to the claiming (receiving) stage would prepare you to offer the gift more fully.


Spring 2021 Online Peer Development Group

Peer Development
Starting in March, Brian will facilitate via Zoom videoconferencing a 10-week peer development series for anyone ready to discover and develop their gifts (innate abilities). Brian will incorporate a number of his coaching methods and tools to support each individual’s gift development including guided meditation/visualization, Appreciative Inquiry, Mapping Your Internal Influences and others to navigate the five stages of gift development. Before the series begins, each participant will complete both the Gifts Self Inventory and a Gifts360 Feedback process to prepare them for their individual development. This group is designed for anyone ready to create a true partnership with their gifts that they can share in their community and professional life. 

The cost of the series is $495.

Sessions will take place Mondays at 11am-12:15pm eastern.

Click the button below to register and hold your space. Limited to 18 participants. 

Like others in our culture, I have spent a lifetime desperately trying to be seen, grasping for outer validation and value. I've accrued mountains of accomplishments, yet never felt enough. Until now. Through this course, I received a a great gift: I was able to name the Value I have been all along. The gift I have always offered is creativity and expression and the joy of birthing the Unseen into this world. I moved from thinking a gift was something we did but I learned that our gifts are not that -- they lie in our presence, in who we are. They reside in being, not doing. This knowing depended through the collective journey as others stepped into naming, acknowledging and welcoming the gift that wants to burst through them. It was thrilling and an honor to witness these discoveries. Brian is a master and his work is crucial in these times which call for every soul's brilliance. 

                                                                                                     -- Lucinda Winslow


Gift Inventory

Click the button below to take our free assessment to clarify your natural abilities and select one gift to to focus on as part of your development.