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The Power of Self Leadership Group Coaching Series

Create a personal blueprint for living deliberately with purpose and conviction. 
Brian Jaudon, Founder & Director
Brian's process has been transformative. I feel more confident
and productive in all areas of my life. 
-Tasha Marvin

Do you find yourself living life on automatic pilot, reacting to what comes each day rather than deliberately creating the life that you want?

Maybe you feel overwhelmed, scattered or even apathetic about aspects of of your life or work?


You may be missing that sense of meaning, joy and peace that you desire.


If so, consider joining others on the path to personal mastery.


The 5-week Power of Self Leadership Webinar Series will guide you in developing your own personal blueprint for your life by answering five essential questions:

  • What is my personal narrative (story)?

  • What are my core values?

  • Why do I do what I do?

  • What are my natural gifts?

  • What is my personal vision?

In each of the five group coaching sessions, I'll guide you in answering one of the questions above so that you can create your own blueprint for your life.


Your self awareness and emotional intelligence will increase exponentially. You’ll find yourself feeling more grounded and trusting of your ability to engage life with more curiosity, courage and conviction.

Life will begin to feel less of a burden and more of a gift.

The Power of Self-Leadership Course

Imagine what it would be like to wake up every day with a sense of excitement and enthusiasm about what is to come, knowing why you are doing what you’re doing and how it fits into the big picture of your life. Creative thoughts come easily and there’s a dynamic quality to each day. You're focused and not as easily hijacked by external events or people.

Participants in this transformational course will gain: 

  • A new personal narrative that supports rather than hinders your direction in life 

  • An understanding of your gifts and how to develop them

  • An effective tool for minimizing emotional hijackings and sabotaging behavior

  • A clear and compelling personal vision that will inspire and motivate

  • More trust in, and compassion, for yourself along the journey

ABOUT BRIAN: Brian Jaudon is a master coach with a passion for bringing out the best in people. During this 5-week live course, Brian will draw on his gifts of creating a safe environment for personal development, seeing and eliciting the gifts individuals have to offer, clarifying core issues quickly, and sharing wisdom that has come from nearly two decades of transformational coaching.Brian has trained extensively in the Internal Family Systems model developed by Dr. Richard Schwartz, and he created the Hidden Motivators model for personal development. Brian also draws on the innovative work of Bert Hellinger, Daniel Goleman, Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey.

The Five Sessions

SESSION 1: WHAT IS MY PERSONAL NARRATIVE? October 6, 11am-12:15pm Eastern (New York)

The stories you tell yourself and others about your capacity and limitations have a profound impact on how you show up in your life. Self-leadership requires continuous examination of your narrative to ensure that it supports your path—not hinder it. This session uncovers your existing narrative and how it might need to be revised to truly reflect who you are and where you’re heading.

SESSION 2: WHAT ARE MY CORE VALUES? October 13, 11am-12:15pm Eastern (New York) 

Knowing what you stand for gives you the conviction needed to live a meaningful life. Core values such as fairness, dignity and community become part of your personal brand and identity. This session features a Core Values Inventory and discussion of how you can lead your life from your own personal values in a way that is more congruent with who you really are.

SESSION 3: WHY DO I DO WHAT I DO?  October 20, 11am-12:15pm Eastern (New York)

You may find yourself reacting to life’s challenges and feeling emotionally triggered for reasons you don’t fully understand. This session will help you understand the often hidden drivers (or internal influences) of your decisions, behavior and communication. This will allow you to make better quality decisions and lead yourself with greater clarity and conviction.

SESSION 4: WHAT ARE MY NATURAL GIFTS?  October 27, 11am-12:15pm Eastern (New York) 

Each of us brings a unique set of natural abilities (gifts) to our personal and professional lives. Knowing what these gifts are allows us to live our lives more intentionally in service to those around us. This session will help you live in better balance with the law of giving and receiving and help you identify specific gifts that you can offer in your relationships, workplace and community.  

SESSION 5: WHAT IS MY PERSONAL VISION?  November 3, 11am-12:15pm Eastern (New York) 

Your vision for your life—and your business if you are an entrepreneur—is a key GPS coordinate. This session will guide you in creating a clear and compelling vision statement that will inspire you to live a life that connects you with something bigger than yourself. This statement will become your true north compass point, stretching you to live a life with meaning and purpose.

Here’s how it works:

There are TWO major components of the Power of Self Leadership Live Course:

1. The Power of Self Leadership Blueprint:

You’ll be building your self leadership blueprint throughout the course for how you’ll lead your life moving forward. Each of the 5 weeks will focus on guiding you in answering one of the five key questions, and you'll be completing the blueprint as you go.

2. Five Power of  Self Leadership LIVE Group Coaching Sessions:

In this intensive course, you’ll participate in five, 75-minute group coaching sessions. I will lead these sessions personally and be available for any coaching you may need during the session to help you create your blueprint. You'll also have access to recordings of each session in case you miss a session or need to review to complete your work. 

Plus, you’ll receive access to a private Power of Self Leadership Facebook Group so you can share with and receive support from other course participants on the path to personal mastery.

The full tuition for the course is $395.

Early bird tuition (available until September 26th) is $325.

The course will be limited to 15 partcipants. Reserve your spot now. 

Cancellation Policy: If for any reason you are not satisfied with the course, you may cancel your enrollment at anytime before the

third coaching session (insert DATE) and receive a full refund minus a processing fee of $25. No questions asked. 


How to register:

1) Click Register Now below

2) You'll be directed to our Events page where you'll click Register Now again under Power of Self Leadership

3) Click on the 11:00 am start time for the event

4) Click the green Next button to be pay your tuition via PayPal

Note: The early bird $325 tuition covers the entire series (not just one session) 

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