In addition to Five Behaviors development and DiSC training,
we offer the following signature retreats: 

Organizational Vision & Strategy   (1.5-Day Retreat)

Clarify the key GPS coordinates for your company’s success.

Have you ever tried to use your GPS without a destination? It doesn’t work very well. Or as someone once said, if you don’t know where you’re going then any path will get you there. The success of every business starts with a clear, compelling and inspiring vision for who you want to become as a company. Everything you do should support that vision rather than simply reacting to your perception of what the market is wanting. Then comes the strategy – the high-level roadmap of how you will fulfill your vision. This retreat will clarify these foundational components for the success of your business.


Personal Mastery for Executives  (1.5-Day Retreat)

Learn to lead with clarity, conviction and courage.

In this deep dive personal retreat for executives, you will discover the hidden drivers of your behavior, communication and decision making. Knowing these powerful internal influences will allow you to lead more deliberately and effectively. You will leave with: 


•   A revised personal narrative that supports rather than hinders your leadership

•   An understanding of your individual core values and how you can draw on them

•   A compelling and inspiring personal vision that will become your true north 

•   Clarity about your leadership gifts (innate abilities) and how to leverage them

•   A personal roadmap for your individual development moving forward

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