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Based on Patrick Lencioni's best-selling book The Five Behaviors of a Dysfunctional Team, the Five Behaviors model provides teams with a simple yet powerful framework for their collective development. The team discovers its strengths and what is hindering its effectiveness in leading the organization forward. It starts with an assessment that all team members take, providing baseline data for where the team needs to develop and focus in order to elicit high performance throughout the organization.

Five Behaviors Overview

Five Behaviors Five Dysfunctions Patrck Lencioni

The most untapped competitive advantage is teamwork.

To gain this advantage, teams must:

>  Trust one another

>  Engage in Conflict around ideas

>  Commit to decisions

>  Hold one another Accountable

>  Focus on achieving collective Results

Discover what your team needs to be highly functioning. 

After your team completes the Five Behaviors assessment, each team member will received a detailed report on how the team scored regarding each of the five behaviors -- and what strategies will likely be needed to to become cohesive and high functioning. The report will also provide a personalized profile of each member's  DiSC style and ways that style can support the team's success. The team will learn what it needs to:

>  Build genuine trust needed to engage each other openly and honestly

>  Embrace diversity of thought and promote healthy conflict

>  Have the right conversations with buy-in on decisions reached 

>  Create a culture of peer accountability regarding commitments made

Consistently demonstrate a focus on prioritized team goals

Five Behaviors Reports.png
Each team member receives a detailed and personalized report on what the team needs to develop to become cohesive and high functioning.
5 Behavior Training

Five Behaviors Team Development

The Five Behaviors assessment results provide a detailed roadmap for how the team needs to develop in order to become cohesive and high functioning. You'll have an opportunity to discuss the assessment results with Brian and decide together as a team which developmental targets you want to focus on together moving forward. These targets will be translated into an actionable development plan you will work on together with Brian's guidance and support. Within the following year, the team will then be able to complete the assessment again to track its progress and fine tune its development. This powerful development process will have a profound impact on both the culture and practice of the senior leadership team.

Giving a Presentation
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